Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Since I didn't make it to the gym yesterday I decided I had better make it happen today. Tuesdays as you know from last weeks post are crazy busy for me but I fit it in today. It was a quick 30 minute lower body workout. Not my best workout but hey, I was there and I did it.
I was a little worried I might not ever get off the squat machine... I was done with my squats and I went to lift the weight back on the tower and I couldn't get the bar to grab the stopper. The weight was too heavy to take off my shoulders and turn to see what was wrong so I just stood there waiting for someone to walk past and help me. Three guys walked past and totally ignored me when I asked for help! Jerks! Finally when I started trembling from the weight I tried one more time and it finally latched on the stop.
There was a lady at the gym today who had the most amazing physique. Not an ounce of bad fat on her and the cool thing was she seemed to be humble about it. She didn't prance around like some of the other ladies with great bodies do. Good for her, she inspired me to be humbly fit. Thank you lady at the gym who has a great body and doesn't flaunt, you are awesome.


  1. Wow nat, how are you getting these ideas for these workouts. I like the running one...it would keep me into it. Normally I get so BORED!

  2. This is amazing!! When are you going to run? I need to do something, I started back on some protein shakes, so that's a start, but you have inspired me to try harder!!!